This work and this writing are in progress and not complete.

The piece “Take It Easy” began as an experiment with fear, confinement and freedom. Horses are fascinating beings that contribute to many departments in life and history. I am most interested in their ability to be “bomb proof.” Horses are able to be fearless to explosions, loud noises and sudden movements. Mostly horses are trained to be this way but through life experiences can become this way as well. As a child on my parent’s farm my horses became bomb proof on their own. My father would host the National Guard who would train on the land, WWII re-enactors and various military training courses. Beyond the noises from guns firing blanks and explosions these units would make on the land as a family we are known for making a lot of noise with target practice. My horses became immune to any sort of starting external stimuli.

The horses never were very frightened of the smoke bombs. If what they were eating was more interesting then the sudden burst of colored smoke, they stayed. If one decided to leave, the other often followed, preferring the company of the other to me. I had forgotten that for the explosions and smoke bombs that they might have seen were always on the far side of the field and rarely colored. Still, they didn’t seem to care and I feel like they were happy for the excuse to leave from were I was. After making these videos for about a year, Sam the large horse died after being on the farm for 15 years. She was about 24 years old when she died.

I propose to make a video installation consisting of 3 video projections (approx. 70 inches x 138 inches each video projection, to be determined upon site) and one still image.