Many Waves, 2009, gelatin silver print
Night, Wind, Badlands, 2009, gelatin silver print
Cock Rock, 2010, gelatin silver print
Group Shot of Sand, 2010, gelatin silver print
First View of Messages Coming or Going, 2009, gelatin silver print
The Cloud in the Reflector When I Was Told the Microwaves Were Not Present, 2009, gelatin silver prints
Badlands Eroding, 2009, gelatin silver print
My Bison, 2009, gelatin silver print

For the past two years my photographs explored the world of the invisible and my faith within it. I began these
pictures when I traveled for the first time by plane. Never before had I been away from the east of the United
States. I was always told I must travel because one cannot know until one sees. I realized that the wind and air
around me is not confined to political boarders and continuously touches all in the world. I began to photograph
the wind and that which I cannot see, often when I could not see through my camera, as an homage to that which
brought me to my destination and that which connects me to all no matter where my physical presence exisits.
I also began to do work about words that I was told. The Badlands of South Dakota will disappear by erosion
in 500000 years. Bison were abundant before they were hunted to near extinction by white settlers. After,
I suddenly had the opportunity to collaborate with another artist to send an audio message into space from
the radar at Arecibo in Puerto Rico. I photographed this message and other messages traveling into space. I
photographed where microwaves are present when I was told it was safe to do so. My faith and belief expanded
from the rational to the irrational. I shared my travels by video with my house plants that I have had for the past
seven yearsas this was the first time I had left them to be where they could not. The act of my plants viewing these
experiences was almost as gratifying as the travel itself, quite possibly because of my faith of the unknown
to come and my gratitude of that which is true.

Tonald, continuous loop
a. Shooting
b. Self Portrait as a Pretty Boy 2
c. Dancing Plant
d. Burning of the Plant

Dimensions variable (in documentation, approx. 70 inches x 138 inches each video projection)

2 channel installation

A four video, two channel installation of Thanksgiving Day, me pretending I have a dick and there is a girl sitting on
me, me dancing with my plant and me burning my plant after it died when I went away from the country for the first
time. This is my attempt at reaching the sublime.

Left Documentation of My House Plants Watching My Travel Videos, 2009, gelatin silver print
Right Documentation of My House Plants Watching My Travel Videos, 2009, gelatin silver print

My House Plants Watching My Travel Videos, 2009, installation, the plants I have owned for the longest (two spikey, one jade,
one elephant foot, one cactus I rooted from my father's cacti), video projection, cloth

documentation of installation "Replacing the Trees", 2010, video installation
Dimensions variable (in documentation, 48 inches x 60 inches video projection on 16 inches x 20 inches gelatin silver prints)

A response to Tolland, Massacusetts Fire Department's 2$million dollar Safety Complex on rumored wetlands.

I Am the Riddle of Life, Know Yourself, 2009, gelatin silver print
The Collaborators, 2009, gelatin silver print
The Last Four Minutes, 2009, gelatin silver print

Documentation of the "Rubisco Stars" project with Joe Davis of MIT at Arecibo Observatory in Arecibo, Puerto Rico. For a full
run down of the project please visit Centauri Dreams and Part II.

See Night, 2009, video

Prettiest Girl in the World, 2009, video